Resimercial: the newest hybrid!

Another day, another way to make a workplace more inviting!

But this time, the idea is the simplest yet: make people feel at home.

Resimercial workplaces are the solution.

We know, it’s an odd word to read! Put simply, it’s a combination of residential and commercial. So, to make people feel at home (even though they’re at work!), commercial workplaces and residential styles are being mixed together and incorporated in a number of ways.

From flexible working solutions to office interior design, more home comforts are being incorporated to workplaces everywhere.

Making sure your employees feel more comfortable in their surroundings will reduce stress and make sure they enjoy the time they spend in the office even more than they already do!

Plus, these casual spaces encourage collaboration and informal idea sharing. This means more creativity and inspiration for everyone!

Bringing home to work

The increase of hybrid offices, where there are lots of ways to work and types of workstation, is making it easier for people to work flexibly.

More people than ever are bringing their work home with them, so why not bring some home comforts to work?

Research has shown that potential employees are increasingly likely to turn down a job if they don’t like the offices, whereas where there are elements of resimercial workplaces, people stick around.

Outdated workplaces suggest outdated practices. People feel stifled, stuck in the past, and often bored with their environment.

But you can’t just stick a few sofas around and throw some brightly-coloured cushions on them!

Changing your office to suit your needs takes a lot of consideration. You have to really think about what will work in your space, for your employees, and for the type of work you do.

That’s how people are making their resimercial workplaces less of an office space, and more of a home away from home!




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