The psychology of materials in the office is very interesting if you look into it.

Our sense of touch is often undervalued, but it makes a huge difference to how we feel.

Something that looks stylish may not always be enjoyable to use or touch, due to its material.

Natural materials, which aren’t often commonplace in offices, we associate with cosiness and warmth.

If you are surrounded by textiles and wood, you feel comforted. However, standard office design is stark, neutral, metal and plastic.

This creates an environment that feels sterile and impersonal.

As a result, it can end up feeling like you’re spending your working day in a hospital ward, and we haven’t met anyone yet who prefers that to a cosy atmosphere!

How it’s changing

Luckily, interior designers are pushing for a greater diversity of textures when creating and furnishing office spaces nowadays.

Finally, they’re bringing in a lot more colour and natural materials. They’re reducing the starkness that, in many offices, used to seem normal




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