First it was the open-plan office, and now the collaborative workspace; old-fashioned office arrangements are being broken down.

While taking down walls was one thing, you may be wondering how it would be possible to work properly without having a desk?

Luckily, when we say ‘death of the desk’, we don’t mean they’re going completely! What it really means is that the way we work is changing.

Chained to a desk


Part of this change is because people are now putting quality before quantity when it comes to work. Your professional work is not being measured by how long you spend at your desk. Instead, competence is being measured by how good the work you produce is.

This has made people much more open in their work habits, and office trends are echoing that.

Led by the tech industry, there has been a movement towards campus-inspired, open and flexible offices. The emphasis is now shifting towards congregation and collaboration.

But it isn’t just tech companies, this style of office is being seen in media, creative agencies, and even professional institutes.

Moving from a desk-centric system of work to a more modern layout in the office boosts creativity and teamwork, and leads to a more friendly and enjoyable workplace.





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