Around the world, people are seeing significant changes in how their offices are being arranged.

This is because people are becoming more aware of the impact that furniture and its arrangement can have on people’s productivity, focus and wellbeing.

If you are sitting in an office that hasn’t been updated, take a look around. You’ll notice a lot of straight lines, corners and separation. Individual, non-cooperative workspaces and a lack of open-plan arrangements and thinking.

This has been the norm for so many years, with the emphasis being on cubicles and neutral workspaces.

Now, people are looking more deeply into what effects these straight lines and divisions are having on their employees.

Not only that, but brighter colours and new fabrics are being embraced in the workplace to reduce the impersonal, corporate feeling of many offices.

The important thing when looking at these changes, and implementing them in your own office, is to know where the balance lies and what will work best for your company.

Every office is not suited to an open-plan beanbag-based design, but stepping away from the traditional, and dare we say boring, could give your office just the boost it needs.



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