our story

Why did all this start.

We formed Twin in 2007 with a belief that the furniture market deserved better. The challenge of creating something never seen before is what drives us, its our passion. With an open and honest approach, our journey to change the world of furniture began.

What makes us unique is our approach of taking a new perspective, creating new rules and discovering new techniques, in order to find that individual solution.

Inspired by the great British character, we seek to create furniture that is both influential and memorable. In other words, our furniture has personality.

who we are

Meet the founders.

Tully Gallagher


Tully knows what it takes when it comes to business development. He’s good at managing and directing things too

(which is why we made him our managing director, see)

His management experience and knowledge come from years of work in a variety of industries while his ideas

(and indeed his face)

remain delightfully fresh.

When Tully’s not in the office, he can be found pursuing his love of history by snooping around ruined castles, or pursuing his love of fast and noisy things while watching F1.

Declan Gallagher


Declan has a marvellous eye for the quirky, and a marvellously quirky mind. Add those to his degree in furniture and product design

(and the fact that he’s pretty damn sharp in the workshop)

and it’s easy to see where all Twin Design’s innovative furniture originates from.

When he’s not peddling his fantastic ideas to us, he’s pedalling his legs off around the country on his beloved bicycle.

He loves a bit of golf too, is a very enthusiastic Man Utd fan (don’t judge) and, when encouraged, throws the most exciting shapes on the dancefloor. Again, don’t judge.


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in Birmingham


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