Health and safety measures nowadays ensure, for the most part, that nobody gets physically injured at work.

But what about damage that isn’t just physical injury? Focus has now shifted onto employee wellbeing, and how to make sure our workforce isn’t seeing longterm physical or mental damage done.

Where does our industry come in? Well, one of the things that most people claim is crucial to helping employee wellbeing is the design of the office itself!

The way people work and the things they want from their jobs are very different now to what they used to be.

In most industries, work is becoming more collaborative, a move away from traditional practices.

Because of this change, it’s important to get the setup of your workplace right. Once you have an office environment that is optimised to increase productivity and morale, you will see a huge change in how your employees work and behave.

New style, same ol’ faces

One thing that is likely to improve is personnel turnover. An office that employees enjoy working in and that potential employees want to join will keep turnover to a minimum. Morale will stay high and collaboration will improve.

Wellbeing isn’t just about mental health, either. The new office design movement is towards flexible working spaces.

Flexible working in various forms is on the up, with hours and structures seeing the biggest changes so far.

But next up is the workspace. So much recent research has basically compared sedentary working practices to smoking in how bad for physical health they are.

Enter: flexible workspaces

By providing several different styles of seating, desks and meeting areas, you bring variety and movement into people’s lives.

Hot desks are not having the effect or results they were hoped to. However, giving people places to go and work or relax that are different to basic desk-and-chair combinations can really make a difference to their moods.

Many offices converted to open-plan a long time ago. But recent studies have suggested that open plan offices prioritise extroverts over introverts and lead to more distractions than cooperation.

So people have embraced the new office designs that lend themselves to flexibility and wellbeing. This shows people that they can work well no matter their personality or environmental preference.

Office design and employee wellbeing are definitely linked. Just look at the large offices who have extras like lounges and climbing walls to keep morale high!

Obviously a rock wall isn’t for everyone, but employee wellbeing should be.

We’re more into cycling anyway…





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