Colourful office wall dark computers

Colour affects workplace psychology, this much is becoming more and more obvious.

By now, it’s common knowledge that colours have different effects on people. In advertising, colour is often one of the first things they think about.

So it makes sense that, in offices, introducing colourful accents will change the way people work.

Traditionally, offices have been a stark, neutral white, with grey and black accents. Maybe a blue wheelie chair, if you were lucky.

Tailoring your colour scheme to your style

According to various studies, there are two main roads to go down with colour, depending on what kind of work you need done.

Adding blues and greens to the office encourages productivity and innovation. These are the colours that facilitate new ideas and creativity.

For more studious effects, the go-to colour is red. Red promotes attention to detail and increased focus. It has a sense of urgency, warmth and intensity.

Statement walls were a big hit a few years ago, but we think a much more immediate effect comes from kicking out boring, plain office furniture. Instead, surround yourself and your coworkers with the exciting, colourful pieces.

Watch your office transform in both looks and productivity!



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