He may be known best as the Father of Evolutionary Science, but Charles Darwin also pioneered something far closer to our hearts – the office chair!

Darwin was well known to be a workaholic, and spent the majority of his waking hours in his office, studying samples and writing about his scientific breakthroughs.

It’s no wonder, then, that he was always looking for ways to increase his own efficiency. Constantly getting up and walking between desks was tiring and long-winded, depriving him of precious moments working on his research.

Unfortunately for Darwin, ergonomic computer chairs were a few years away, so he had to improvise!

On a roll

Now, we here at Twin understand bespoke. Sometimes, you have to bend the status quo and create something that is distinctively you.

Charles Darwin understood that you have to make sure your office works for you, and the best way to do that is to include furniture that accomplishes everything it possible can. Make sure it helps you acheive your goals, and hopefully it’ll look good doing it, too!

So, ever the scientist, Darwin came up with what (in our opinion) was the biggest achievement of his career!

He created himself a chair that could move around his small office without needing to be lifted, dragged or pushed. He made it far more efficient to get from corner to corner, and more comfortable, too!

The trick was, he added simple wheels to the bottom of each chair leg.

At the time, this was practically a revolution. Of course, it barely looks anything like our modern chairs, but then it wasn’t sitting under a computer either!

By sticking wheels to the legs of his armchair, Darwin was able to roll from his desk to his sample table, and anywhere else he could get to, with the greatest of ease.

While we may not still work from armchairs, we can all still appreciate the innovation and creativity of Charles Darwin at the time.

Sure, he may have shaped our modern knowledge of evolution and biology, but have you seen his chair?

Efficiency, style, and customisation. Our favourite scientific principles!





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